Confidence is key

Killer confidence, it alludes many of us. In most cases we don’t even know that it’s missing from our lives, or what it can do to benefit our day. I’m here to talk to about why you need it and how to get it.

First of all lets talk about what confidence does for our day to day lives. There is no secret that strong leaders and successful types display great confidence. This could be viewed as if somehow, the great lives they live or their awesome talent makes them so confident. After all if you lived a million dollar house, had a sports car in the driveway and your model girlfriend swimming in your pool, you’d be pretty confident too right? I’d like to offer you a different view. An unconfident person will still be completely lacking in this scenario. “my supermodel girlfriend is talking to other millionaires” “there is no way that investment will stay the coarse” We need to realise being confident, actually has nothing to do with the outside world.

Confident leaders and successful people had the confidence first and the success followed, not the other way around. Displaying confidence makes people want to follow you. Be confident in your idea, will make people believe in you. Pair it with some hard work and you can make shit happen! These leaders and successful types built their lives with confidence on their side.

Now that we know confidence is key to success and not visa versa. Let’s look at ways to boost confidence. Now everyone is a little different in this matter, but the ground rules stay much the same.

1. Dress to impress

The way you dress can say a lot about you but more importantly it can drastically change the way you feel. Focus on dressing in a way that has given a lift in your confidence before. Does your belt match your shoes? Wear pants neatly ironed instead of an old pair of jeans. Make sure your clothes fit correctly, even great clothes can look like garbage if something is too tight or baggy. If your a little clueless in this area, try researching mens fashion online. Pick a style type or role model and dress accordingly.

2. Good grooming

How is your hair? Aim for clean and tidy, short back and sides or a David Beckham comb over goes a long way towards feeling groomed. Facial hair or no facial hair? Again this is a personal preference but which ever you choose, it should be well maintained. Having a scruffy face is something to be left for times in bed with the man flu.

3. Teeth

A great smile is a massive confidence booster. Ever found yourself hiding your smile because your teeth look like crap? An interesting fact about smiling is its attractive to everyone. “smile and the world will smile back at you” Clean your teeth, have a dentist clean, get dental work etc. Great teeth will boost your confidence, smiling will make people interact with you more positively and that in turn will increase your confidence. It’s positivity, breeding positivity.

4.Body language

The way you carry yourself can do wonders for your confidence and in turn the way you lead. Carry yourself with purpose. Stand tall, pull your shoulders back and look people in the eye. Take up space, you are a man and you should hold your self like it.


Now this can be to any level your happy to achieve but I can tell you any health improvement will boost your confidence. Quit smoking, eat more fruit and veg, drink more water and lift weights. Something dramatic happens to your confidence, when you lift your physical game. Lifting weights adds testosterone. Your mood will improve, your lady’s interest will be peaked and you will walk and talk with more confidence.

6.Positive mind set

This one trumps all others. While I could talk about how important this is for hours, I will keep it short and sweet. The key points to understand is that mindset, will literally become the most powerful thing in your life’s journey. Heard the term fake it till you make it? If you can work on the way you set your mind to a task, you will undoubtedly be better off. Walk into a room assuming everyone already likes you. Assume you can do the task as good or better than anyone else. Don’t take no for an answer. There are countless books on the subject and I highly recommend finding ways to improve your mindset.

If you put some or all of these tips into practice, you will definitely boost your confidence. Having more confidence will help you achieve your goals, that’s guaranteed. So if your looking to change jobs, attract the girl next door, be the next big success or just generally feel better, try boosting your confidence.

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